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He understands story because he understands people.


Hi, I'm Traci. Probably not what you were expecting when you got to Matt’s “About Me” page. I’m his girlfriend, and I’m writing this page. Seriously.
But wait! What if y’all break up? I know, I know. Well sucks for him, because he’ll be missing out on me and will have to write his own About Me on top of it. Probably through tears, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, and a bottle of whiskey. Honestly, he probably won’t be able to get over me and will be forced to watch You’ve Got Mail on repeat until his tear ducts dry up.
But I guess this is just the risk he’s willing to take, because who doesn’t hate writing these things about themselves? I thought I’d help out because I kinda like him and I know him pretty well.
First of all, Matt is nothing if not honest. He’s the most authentic (sorry, I know that’s a buzzword, but it’s accurate) person I’ve ever met. He chases after the truth and believes in vulnerability. He understands story because he understands people. And that makes him a great storyteller.
He’s versatile. He can do all sorts of things, from writing and directing to shooting and editing. Sometimes all at once — he’s been a sort of one-man production studio for a real estate TV program for the past ten years. He’s worn many hats on many different gigs, and he looks good in all of them.
Matt also really cares. He brings a work ethic and attention to detail that you just don’t see too often. He focuses so much on developing his craft. He’s already great, and does everything he can to get better every day. All without an ego.
He’s also just a pretty great guy to be around. I would know, or I wouldn’t have stayed with him for this long. I know you’d love him too. Just in a much different way. 


RICE Foundation

Boys and Girls Club of America


Hands Across the Sea

Carenet Pregnancy Center


Texas Dept. of Housing and Comm. Affairs

Atherton Pictures

Austin Bar Assoc.

Texas Bar Assoc.

Cox Funeral Home




Organized Kaos Media




The Guild Fellowship

San Austin Productions

Video Unicorn

SmileBrite Orthodontics

First Baptist Church in Amarillo

First Presbyterian Church in Amarillo

Messiah's House

Bivins Pointe Retirement Home

Buchanan's Scotch Whiskey


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